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Episode 503: Erica Williams Simon

Erica Williams Simon is an award-winning strategist, author, creative and entrepreneur. As the founder and former Head of Snapchat’s Creator’s Lab, Erica creates conversations that help a diverse, digital native generation tell new stories about “who we are and how we want to live”. Her work incorporates elements of her multi-industry career to surface countercultural wisdom for work, life and social impact.

Through her company Sage House, a strategic content, experience and consulting firm Erica works with clients like Spotify, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and countless creative partners to bring big ideas to life. She is also host of the popular podcast The Call with Erica. 

Previously, Simon worked as Senior Editor and Creative Director of and as a columnist for Before moving to a career in media, she spent nearly a decade in Washington D.C. power circle’s at the nation’s premier progressive think tank, Center for American Progress, and the country’s oldest civil and human rights coalition, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, developing innovative Millennial engagement programs on key social issues.  For her social impact work, Simon was named one of Politico’s Top 50 Politicos to Watch, an NAACP’s 40 under 40, a world Economic Forum Global Shaper, and an Aspen Institute Ideas Fellow. 

On This Episode We Discussed:

Does our identity being rooted in what we do prevents us from moving and showing up in spaces that we are needed in?

We see people on social media and compare not know the process…give us perspective you were the founding Creative Director of – what does it look like to build // what skills do we need to build especially a media presence?

Narrative intelligence what is it and why is it important to storytellers in media?

How can someone gain opportunities to show up in their new space if they are “starting late”. Example you left and went into Snapchat…

What is counter cultural wisdom and how does that or does it shape the type of projects you take on at Sage House?

How can we build meaningful conversations today with so much noise online?

Also listen in to the Podcast HERE

Connect with us: 

Shivawn Mitchell (host) 

Erica Williams Simon (guest) 

Episode 502: Letisha Bereola – Emmy nominated TV News Anchor

Letisha Bereola is an Emmy nominated TV News Anchor in Jacksonville, Florida. With 10+ experience in the news industry, Letisha has covered everything from national championships and hurricanes as an MMJ to the anchor seat. Letisha is the host and producer of the podcast AUDACITY: Unlocking the secrets of the Bold where she interviews entrepreneurs, creatives, thought leaders and artists about how they cultivated the audacity to go after their dreams. Her faith in Jesus is the center of her life and helps her show up everyday as a mom of two, wife and news anchor who is determined to use her platform to inspire people to live a life purpose.

On This Episode we Discussed:

  • Finding our voice in a noisy space how do you show up as your authentic self as a storyteller.
  • How does your faith define what stories you share?
  • How does your faith shows up in your creativity?
  • Representation in the media …why News? How did you get started?
  • What does it look like for you going after your dreams? 
  • What have you learned as wearing the producers hat going into the podcast?
  • What do you say to the people who say I don’t want to start because the market is Oversaturated?
  • Measuring Success….what does that look like for you and defining what it is?

Connect with Us: 

Host: Shivawn Mitchell 

Guest Latisha Bereola 

Christina Jones – Creative Director & Producer

Christina Jones is a creative director and producer with a strong background in graphic design & branding, film production and marketing. She has traveled nationally and internationally, collaborating with brands such as Showtime Sports, TOGETHXR and House of Athlete to direct and produce creative content. She’s recently founded a brand titled “Creatives Are Essential” which showcases the importance of individuals in creative fields and creates resources for people to grow by developing ideas, collaborating with others and learning to rest.

On This Episode We Discuss

  • Why Creatives are Essential 
  • How she put herself out there to work with House of Athlete 
  • Working with a team 
  • What it looks like to produce

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