Shortie of the Week -Kayona Brown


This week’s feature for Shortie of the Week is “Of Music and Men“. Of Music and Men is an American comedy-drama series that chronicles the life of a young single female entrepreneur and her experiences with men as she tries to succeed in the music business and in love.

Kayona Ebony Brown

As a multi-hyphenate artist, my journey began with the simple desire to tell stories. I was 8 years old when I started on this path. Today, I use a myriad of platforms, from novels and screenwriting, to acting and directing for stage and film. My experiences have contributed to the gift I hope to share with the world and the legacy I plan to leave.

Advice to Female filmmakers:
Allow your voice to tell you who it is. So often we get caught up trying to do what we think people will like or create what we think might sell. But your voice is your own; it’s special. No one else has it. Whether it’s writing, directing, acting, editing, whatever… Give your voice time and space to be YOUR voice, and it’ll become its perfect self.
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