Shortie of the Week – Kweli Legacy


This week’s feature for Shortie of the Week is “Hostile“. Hostile is a fast paced drama involving the hostage negotiation of a woman who has been pushed to the edge in the most compromising of situations.

Executive Producer: Nikkea Shareè
Essence Magazine Best Selling Author Nikkea Sharee (formerly Nikkea Smithers) has been a multimedia force for over a decade. Her award winning novels span a variety of genres from drama, romance, murder mystery, poetry and even young adult fiction. A noted spoked word artist, she has performed on stages from NY to LA
Director: Ciara J. Lewis
Screenwriter, playwright and director based out of Connecticut. With a successful season adapting the best selling novel “Once You’ve Touched the Heart” by Iris Bolling (praised by USA Today) into a screenplay for CW Richmond, she has developed her love for film. Attending The Los Angeles Film School to transition from writer to director, she is currently working on a number of projects.
Advice to Female filmmakers:
Create your own lane and be diligent about your craft. Stay focused. Don’t compromise. Be yourself.
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