Interview with Screenwriter : D. Patrice Weaver

I was born and raised in California. I received my Master’s degree in Screenwriting from California State University, Northridge. I am currently a Script Analyst and Manuscript Editor, and I have worked in both Development and Film/TV Production for over 10 years.

When did you fall in love with writing (your defining moment)?

About twenty years ago. I started journaling at a very young age and I did it habitually for 10 years. During that time, I came in contact with a TV script for the sitcom Family Matters, and reading it gave me the desire to write for TV. It was in the beginning of my senior year of undergrad when I decided that screenwriting was what I want to do the most.
What movies or stories inspire your creativity?

Westside Story, The Pursuit of Happyness, and The Fault In Our Stars. As a screenwriter, capturing the audience is a major accomplishment when telling a story. The films I just mentioned inspire me to keep writing (in my own unique way) compelling dialogue and heartfelt relationships where people can relate or feel like they are experiencing with the characters their particular journeys.
What is the biggest misconception about being a screenwriter?

That it’s easy to be one.

I believe when you have made the decision to be a screenwriter, you have to do your research and work on the craft. Not doing that is like wanting to build a car but not knowing what parts you need to make the vehicle. You would have to study and do your research so that it will actually work. The same for a screenwriter. You have to read other individual’s scripts and find someone who can successfully proof read or edit your screenplay so that you will have the discipline and knowledge, not just on how to be an effective screenwriter but also on how to capture your readers.
What’s the best advice you can give writers to help them develop their own unique voice and style?

Write what you’re passionate about. Your story will be more authentic when the story means a great deal to you.

One of the biggest mistakes first-time writers make? 

Not reading other scripts.
What questions should a writer ask herself prior to crafting their story? 

Has this story been told already? If so, how is mine going to be different?
What’s your favorite quote?

“It doesn’t matter how many people can do what you do. No one can do it like you.”
What’s next for you?

As for screenwriting, I can’t give out details yet. But I can say that I will be collaborating with some filmmakers for a couple of awesome projects.

Outside of screenwriting, I am in the works of starting my own publishing company. The first book to be published will be from one of my clients.

How can we keep in Touch?

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