Interview with cinematographer: Mina Monsha’

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life…” and I have to say that I love what I do. I swear I was an architect in my past life, I enjoy buildings and skylines and I believe that is evident in my work. 

Did you study cinematography in college, or do you have any other kind of training in this field before doing it professionally? If self taught, how did you go about developing your craft? 
Nope, I have a BA in social work and realized my junior year I wanted to be a journalism and media major, but it was too late. I spent mad hours in their lab, learning how to edit. I learned from others and eventually bought a camera and been doing it ever since. I’m constantly wanting to get better, so I’m always studying. 

For someone looking to start out what equipment do you suggest they invest in (especially those on a budget)? 

 When I stared off I thought I needed like a 8k dollar camera, but then I learned about DSLR’s. So I suggest you research DSLR’s (Nikon or Canon) I use a Nikon D3100 and various cinematic lenses. This is an expensive ass hobby, so make sure you invest a lil bread into it.

In terms of cinematographers, who do you like (who do you look up to and why)? 

  I honestly keep to myself, it’s hard for me to trust people. I have good friend (Freshie) who helps me with filming and we are a good team. Besides her, I prefer to do things myself. I know that I will eventually have to build a team though, it’s only realistic.

What advice would you give to a woman cinematographer that was just getting started? 

 Get out and tell the world your story! This is a male dominated field and predominantly white… So what are you waiting for, let’s own this shit!! (Can I cuss?)
What type of film would you love to work on that you haven’t worked on yet?

 I would like to work on a blockbuster film, something big, something special…

What’s next for you? 

Finishing up part 2 of sTelth and I have two other projects that I cannot discuss quite yet. 

How can we keep up with you? 


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