Interview with: House of June

House of June is an independent art film house that produces original cinematography and narratives for film and web. 

House of June’s name is representative of freeedom and progression. Under the zodiac symbol of the Femini lies the allegory of two creative elements coming together as one to form a house of artistic expression. 
How did House of June get started? Tell us a little about yourself as individuals & what role you play in the House of June?
AMBER: House of June began in a lighting class at Georgia State University. We played around with ideas, shot some projects that never reached the cutting room floor and then shot The Shrink in B6. Ebony is very talented screenwriter and I a cinematographer, we both co-direct and co-produce our projects.

The Shrink in B6, is a web series that follows a girl that’s lost her job after which she had no choice but to find herself. She does that with the help of her peers. 

How big is your production team (and who does that include)? How did you go about finding your team?
Ebony: We work with friends and filmmakers we respect who fit the needs of the project. So it’s really case by case in regards to who composes our production team. Lately, we have been working closely with two up-an-coming filmmakers, Reeyana Sehgeh (Assistant Director) and Alahna Watson (Art Director).
Why did you two decide to pursue independent filmmaking?

AMBER: To assist in creating proper and rounded narratives focused on melanated characters.

How do you recommend that filmmakers break in? 

Ebony: Create from a boundless place. You’re going to need to be able to push yourself without cheers or pats on the back and still find your voice while creating new content.

What is the process of establishing a production company? Do you need a lawyer?

EBONY: It’s different for everyone for sure. I don’t have the right answers because I’m still figuring it out. But, you will always need a lawyer when working with intellectual property and other creatives.

What forms are a must when going into production? 

AMBER: Call sheets are a must, then contracts.

Cost is always a factor how do you fund “green light” projects?

EBONY: We work with what we have until we can fund more independently or bring financers on board. I’m big on creating stories that resonate that aren’t dependent on high-production quality to tell the story.
What is your social media strategy as business owners but also finding that balance as a creative?
EBONY: I wish I could give you this really brainy response but essentially the strategy is to be authentic. Post what matters and is true to what you’re creating. I don’t love the world of social media but it’s vital to getting our stories out, so I maneuver through it with intention in regards to posting on behalf of HOJ.

What legacy do you want House of June to leave behind?

EBONY: Ain’t nothing you can’t create and manifest in your truth.
You recently screened your short film “Table Manners” Tell us a little about that film?

EBONY: It’s a short narrative film that presents a conversation on black female sexuality in a no-holds-barred lunchtime tête-à-tête between two friends at a restaurant.
What’s next for House of June?

AMBER: The plan is to go into pre-production for a feature. 
Our social media:

Thehouseofjune / IG and Twitter


Shivawn Hill, is a writer, director and a storyteller at heart. She’s currently in post production with her short documentary film. She believes that one day soon she’ll form the ultimate group of Storytellers who will travel the world to share the stories of creative peculiar people. Come hang out with her on Instagram

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