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Tell us a little about yourself?

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I run a site called Any Possibility, which gives writers the resources, tools, and motivation to jumpstart their career. The idea came to me when I was an assistant at a talent agency. Now, as a script reader in Los Angeles, I evaluate stories for screenwriting competitions as well as a studio. My day-to-day consists of diving into different books and scripts to summarize and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the material. It’s a fun job!

Why did you decide to create this workbook for screenwriters?

I want to help writers take action. Work and life responsibilities make it hard to prioritize and make time to follow creative pursuits. You’re busy, and when you’re busy, writing can get left on the back burner or feel uninspired.

It’s easy to get stuck, and I personally know that feeling well. At one point, I didn’t have the slightest idea what to do about it. Through a combination of time, advancing in my career, and talking with other writers, I saw the similarities that lead to writing successes both big and small – and those small successes add up.


So why not work from the very beginning, step-by-step to build a solid career. It’s easy to focus on the ins and outs of selling a script or pitching an idea, but what if you aren’t there yet? What if you still need to sit down and type up your idea? What if, more than anything, you want to focus on finishing your script and getting the feedback you need to move that script forward?

The Write Track helps writers focus. You assess and prioritize your goals, then implement systems and routines to accomplish those goals both in writing and networking.

You noted this is NOT a how-to-write book but definitely IS about strategies to make your goals happen. Why did you opt to make this not about writing as screenwriting? And do you find that most screenwriters don’t succeed in finishing their script because of not having a strategy?

Any Possibility was founded on the principle of giving creatives tools to treat themselves like a business. You are your own boss. You set the hours, do the research, and determine the workflow. Without a game plan, it can get overwhelming. There are so many fantastic resources for how-to-write, but there’s much less about creating strategies, learning about the industry, and staying self-motivated. The Write Track can be used to draw up your business plan for the year.


What sets your book apart from other tools that help screenwriters?
It doesn’t prescribe to one line of thinking on writing but rather shows you options to make progress on your own. We all come at it from different angles, and that’s okay.

What is one aspect of your book that readers may find that they wouldn’t expect to be in there?
Networking, probably. People always resist it. “If the script is good enough, it shouldn’t matter” is something I hear a lot. That’s simply not true. Building your network is instrumental in your writing career.

How can our readers connect with you? And do you have plans on creating an accountability group for those who utilize your book?
Come hang out in the Hollywood Hustle Facebook Group! I haven’t considered an accountability group, but that’s a great idea.

What’s next for you?
I want to build the Any Possibility community and keep encouraging writers. I hope this workbook leads into a new project, and I have a couple of ideas, so we’ll see!

Contest Rules

You have a chance to win The Write Track written by Sam of Any Possibility  just before 2018. We want you to start your year off with the right tools so you can finish that screenplay that’s been neglected all year. To Enter please follow the details below.

Prize: The Write Track Workbook valued at 17.99

Duration: The sweepstakes will begin December 18th and end December 27th at 5pm EST.
How to enter: You can enter two ways. If you enter both ways your chances at winning double.

Email the creative outsiders at thecreativeoutsiders (at) and briefly explain why The Write Track will be an asset to your screenwriting journey, one goal as a screenwriter for 2018 and do you agree to leave a review or rating about the book.

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Who can enter: Entrants must be over eighteen years of age in the United States. Not available to any residents outside of the United States.
How the winner is chosen: The winner will be chosen at random.
How the winner will be notified: The winner will be notified by email on December 28th and need to respond back with their mailing address by 9 pm EST on the 28th. If winner doesn’t another person will be chosen at random.
How the prize will be delivered: The workbook will be mailed out on the 29th of December.

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