Ep. 16 – Minaa B. : Mental Health Maintenance for Filmmakers + Creatives

The New Year is here and we all have a long list of goals we want to accomplish. But, it can be overwhelming for my fellow filmmakers because we don’t have a blueprint for success as other careers do.


So I solicited the help of one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram to get us moving in the right direction of taking care of ourselves so our art doesn’t suffer.

Minaa B. is a writer who authored her first book Rivers Are Coming back in 2016 where she talked about her journey through depression, her addiction to cutting herself and her many suicide attempts before she finally found healing. This journey lead her to becoming a social worker, graduating from NYU with her Master’s in Social Work and she is now a licensed therapist.

She’s a big advocate for self-care and mental health.

Minaa’s goals is to offer hope to those whose stories have been erased and their voices made silent.

When Minaa is not writing for her website or working as a consultant doing psychotherapy, she is freelance writing for the Huffington Post and Conscious Magazine. She is also running her all natural skin care shop Sunday Mornings.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to develop your Inner Strength. Affirming who you are, becoming firm in who you are.
  • What is Psychotherapy? Dispelling the stigmas behind therapy.
  • Why your girlfriend doesn’t qualify to help you as a therapist.
  • Do creatives have responsibility as filmmakers to depict therapy in the correct light?
  • Why you should avoid the superwoman syndrome?
  • Redefining what self-care is.
  • The importance of Creatives being a part of a community.

What Minaa B is watching right now? Binge Watching on Netflix The Office 

What Minaa Bis reading right now? Big Little Lies 

You can connect with Minaa B. on Instagram @minaa_b

Disclaimer: The information shared on this podcast is not a substitute for a relationship with a licensed mental health professional. If you need immediate assistance please contact:

Suicide Prevention 800-273-8255Mental Health Hotline 866-677-5924Center Against Sexual Assault 866-373-8300National Alliance on Mental Health 800-656-4673National Sexual Assault 800-656-4673Listen to Episode 16 here

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