What’s in my Bag Series with LeeAnn

LeeAnn is a writer, director, and artist reared in Germany now residing in Atlanta, GA. Before the age of 18, she successfully amassed a handful of awards for her directorial presentations. She received her BA in television production from Clark Atlanta University. Aside from filmmaking, LeeAnn is also a contributing writer for Blavity, Black Girl In Om, and The RAW! Tea and brews a bombass kombucha.

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OK so here is what I call a “minimalist, one-woman-crew filmmaker/photographer’s” What’s In My Bag!
I included items that I use for when I shoot alone – for hire or docu-short projects (ie Food Diaries). Oh my cat, Kierkegaard, made an appearance in the photo.
A “Vintage” Camera Bag – My father-in-law lovingly gifted me this camera bag that used to be his own and somehow matches everything I wear. Brand name unknown.
Neewer 5in1 110cm Reflector – I like to use as much natural light as possible. I’ll often use this to bounce more light onto the subject without having to use any artificial light.
Canon 17-55mm f2.8 Lens – One of my more recent and most versatile investments. I rented a few different lenses before I decided on this one. Although I hope to be adding to the collection soon, this one’s not going anywhere.
Canon 7D – The first big purchase! I did my research and found the best camera at the time to meet my needs. There are better cameras out now, but the value is truly created by how well you know what you’re working with.
Canon 50mm f1.8 Prime Lens – The kit lens that came with the camera. It’s very handy in low-light situations I may find myself in when shooting documentary projects.
Notepad – I’m always writing down notes, and it’s pretty much necessary to have in interview settings.
MacBook Pro – Although it doesn’t fit in my camera bag, I always bring my laptop to film shoots typically to dump footage. For software I use the Adobe Suite and sometimes Garageband when I choose to create the score.
CF Cards – Tip: Always have extra memory cards. (oh and batteries – not pictured).
Neewer TT520 Speedlite – I use this solely for event photography, but it’s a necessary part of my bag so it made it into the picture.
Shure VP83F LensHopper Microphone – This microphone is convenient for when I’m working alone because it mounts right on top of my camera. But I will be investing in lavalier mics this year. If you are cutting corners anywhere, don’t cut them here. #soundqualityovereverything
Monopod – It’s a nice alternative to a tripod, but I honestly rarely use it.
Slider – My baby. It’s great for adding subtly camera movement.
Lightstands – I use Britek that came with a kit. No preference, but make sure you purchase quality.
Not pictured: tripod, headphones
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