Ep.19 – Malakai : Producer & Director Owner of Malakai Creative

Based out of Los Angeles & Phoenix, Malakai is a director & creative vested in visual storytelling that empowers those with a voice.  The goal for Malakai is to be all things fearless.  As a black woman, she knows that the current industry is sparse with a lack of representation and diversity.  Because of this, she forges forward by creating narratives for the bold and the brave.  Her short documentary film Black Girls Code has been showcased within the Cannes Film Festival: SFC, Langston Hughes AA Fest, Miami SciFi Fest, Chelsea Fest, Focus Forward  and other additional festival platforms.  As well as this, the film had special screenings at some of the top tech companies: Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Salesforce.  


 In 2014 Malakai was awarded and honored as an “Extraordinary Woman of Color”, live on (ABC 15).   In 2015 she was tapped as the “filmmakers voice” to speak on a panel for SXSW Interactive on Instant Gratification, Media and technology. Her short documentary on instant gratification also screened with this panel experience. 

Listen HERE

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Journey into Filmmaking, and how filmmaking choose her.
  • The first time she heard the term film director.
  • The importance of  women applying for film fellowships
  • Creating without permission
  • How she get involved in the project Black Girls Code
  • Tips on starting your own Production Company
  • The Horizon Award and Lynette Howell Taylor along with Christine Vachon
  • How she’s grown as a director in the past four years
  • Made In Her Image Nonprofit

What Malakai is watching right now? She’s Gotta Have it

What Malakai is reading right now? In Watermelon Sugar

You can connect with Malakai on Facebook or Instagram


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