Filmmakers in Pursuit: Jana Henry

In case you missed the memo, we are following women in film as they journey to pursue their specific filmmaking dreams for 2018. Each month they will document their progress as they leave their mark in filmmaking industry.


Meet Jana.

In her early twenties Jana left her small city in Michigan and made Philadelphia her second home. She holds an Associate’s degree in communications as well as a Dual Bachelors from Temple University in African American Studies and Theater. “Temple not only helped me hone my skills as a writer but introduced me to the world of acting, a new way to tell stories.” Currently Jana is working on her MFA. 2018 she plans to self-publish her first book entitled “Fifty Miles to E” in and is currently working on her first film. A Historian once said “Stories happen to those who tell them”. Jana L. Henry is a writer, creative, storyteller. She is a woman with a story or two to tell.

Document February.

I learned two very important things this past month. The first thing is I don’t believe I have writers block. I do believe I have perfection poison sometimes. I will stray from completing a piece of writing because I’m scared it won’t be great enough. I will leave words completely alone if I fear the story is not being told well.



I’m an avid reader, movie watcher, and rerun binger. I often find that because of this I let comparison sneak up. It stings me every time. My goal this year is to write, produce, and direct my first short film. I’m going to be honest when I set out with this as one of my goals for the year I thought to myself you’re out of your mind. Then it was a realization. Yes, I am out of my mind. I’m crazy enough to try.

The second thing has been more of a relearning. You have to sit with a text sometimes. Let it work on you. January has been a month of writing, reading, writing, trashing, reading. I know the character I want to introduce in my short film. I know the part of the story I want to tell. I just couldn’t really wrap my words around the world I wanted to put on screen. So, I picked up a book. This then lead me to pick up another book. Sometimes you have to search or do research for your inspiration. Find the thing that will give you the push you need to do what you need to do. I need to tell stories. I have enough script now for about three short films but only focusing on one. This is the beginning.

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2 thoughts on “Filmmakers in Pursuit: Jana Henry

  1. I admire people who set their goals high! I was sidelined by having children but do enjoy reading about women who are trying to reach the stars! Good luck to Jana Henry and You! 🎉 🎈 ✨

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