Ep. 21 – Okema T. Moore : Producer & Director

Okema T. Moore is an actress and producer who also writes, sings and directs. She has taken her experiences as a youngster in entertainment, starting on Sesame Street, and has been fortunate enough to continue cultivating quite a life of experiences as an adult, including hosting on-air for NY’s WBLS, sharing an EMMY Nomination (2013) for a single spot promo for the Rhode Island International Film Festival and completing her first solo-written short film SHH, to be released in 2018.


As of Summer 2017, Okema has functioned as the production coordinator for Season 6 of Oprah’s Master Class and has five different projects in which she is either an actor, producer or director in a total of more than 40 festivals across four continents. This includes a staged reading that she directed and starred in at the historic Smithsonian Anacostia Museum in DC for the DC Black Theatre Festival. She has also been commissioned to write her first TV pilot by a seven-time EMMY award winning Producer, and is a Producer on the new series, Little Apple, which will be a live-action web series as well a graphic novel; Executive Produced by Lisa Cortes (Precious). Most recently she is also working on her first children’s book for little boys entitled “Mommy’s My Date,” while continuing her film festival run for a film she produced called Silent Cries: The Prelude, as the short celebrates seventeen acceptances, six nominations, four awards and three additional screenings thus far.

Okema continues to hustle and build her personal brand, MOOREthanEnuff Media, by creating new works for herself and others, in front of and behind the camera.


On this episode, we discuss:
How does she juggle wearing the different hats of producer, director, writer and actress
Why technique and talent are both important
Working as production coordinator for Season 6 of Oprah’s Master Class 
Starting her production company

What Okema is watching right now? Make Up or Break Up

What Okema is reading right now? You Can Heal Your Life

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