Ep. 22 – Akiya Mcknight : Writer & Producer


With an obsessed love for writing and storytelling in multiple capacities the PR professional turned writer, producer Akiya Mcknight is embarking on her first short film. Akiya has worked on multiple indie projects as well as well as TV shows such as Survivors Remorse, The Have & Have Nots and ATL. She’s currently  The Connecticut born and ATL resident plans to tell stories of the complete woman and minority experience from all over the world.


On this episode, we discuss:

Starting out as a Script Supervisor

The importance of volunteering and attending Film Festivals

Raising Funds for her Short Film Served

Working at Tyler Perry Studios

How she handles writer’s block


What Akiya is watching right now? 7 Seconds on Netflix

What Akiya is reading right now? Story, Robert McKee

You can connect with Akiya on Instagram 

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Instagram @thecreativeoutsiders or @shivawn_adrienne

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