Jana Henry – Filmmaker in Pursuit: April Update

This month has been fast moving. I’m trying to figure out how we got to April so fast. I received feedback from a “Movie Mentor” as I like to call her. Mentors make the world go round. Never be too prideful or act like you know so much that you can’t ask for help. Filming will be starting in May. This is both nerve wrecking and exciting. The fear never goes away but when I see that I am achieving the goals I set out to achieve it keeps me going.

april update

Not only have I been editing my short film script but I’ve had the opportunity to once again write for Single and Anxious, Season 3. Single and Anxious is a Series created by Christina Faith, and is produced right here in the 215. Table readings have been going great. I can’t wait for the world to see what we’ve been working on. Faith has also been a great help and resource as I develop myself as a writer and now filmmaker.

Currently I’m in a season of life where I am busy, busy, busy. I was able to get away for a retreat recently where the theme of the retreat was “Focus”. Not just hot to focus, or blindly focusing but intentional focus. The retreat honestly helped me not to just look at how I live my life, but how and why do I create. I feel like I got a recharge I needed. Lastly, as you know I’m a reader, watcher, and listener. Currently I’m reading Called to Create. I’m watching Living Single reruns. I’m listening to the Business of Story podcast. In case you were you were wondering what’s feeding my storytelling lately.

Meet Jana.

In her early twenties Jana left her small city in Michigan and made Philadelphia her second home. She holds an Associate’s degree in communications as well as a Dual Bachelors from Temple University in African American Studies and Theater. “Temple not only helped me hone my skills as a writer but introduced me to the world of acting, a new way to tell stories.” Currently Jana is working on her MFA. 2018 she plans to self-publish her first book entitled “Fifty Miles to E” in and is currently working on her first film. A Historian once said “Stories happen to those who tell them”. Jana L. Henry is a writer, creative, storyteller. She is a woman with a story or two to tell.

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