EP. 29 Noel Corbin : Costume Designer

noelGeorgia native, Noel Corbin, attended Davidson Fine Arts High School, where she first began her studies costume design at the age of 14. Having found her gift for bringing stories to life through textiles at a young age, she took college course work at the Savannah College of Art & Design while in high school and later obtained her Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design from Georgia Southern UniversityWith 10 years professional experience in costume design with Codeblack Films, the Amateur Comedy Club of New York City, and Coerlessly Ink., and fashion design in the New York fashion industry at Nicole Miller and Brooklyn Industries, Noel continued her education by enrolling in New York University in 2014.


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While attending NYU, she worked at a contractor with the fashion collection at the Smithsonian, broadening her knowledge in textile history, care, and researchIn 2017, she completed her Masters of Arts degree in Visual Culture: Costume Studies with a focus on the 19th and early 20th dress and relocated to Los Angeles, California  to continue her work in costume design. Noel specializes in period costume, design, illustration, patternmaking, and construction and is currently the costume designer for Stepford Sidechix, a new web-series by Coerlessly Ink.


On This Episode (Listen HERE)
Defining moment of choosing costume design
Process of collaborating with filmmakers
Networking leading to job opportunities
Finding inspiration as a costume designer
How can indie filmmakers make it on a budget in reference to costume design
Building a profile for characters

What is she watching? Stepford Sidechix

What is she reading? Lady Sings the Blues  Billie Holiday
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