Ep. 32 Jalena Keane-Lee : Social Justice Filmmaker

Jalena Keane-Lee is a co-founder of Breaktide Productions an all women of color production team. Her first documentary short, The Construct: Female Laborers and the Fight for Equality follows Burmese female laborers as they physically develop a country that is rapidly changing. The short was selected for streaming on Seed&Spark’s “Fight for Your Rights” playlist, and has begun its festival run at the Portland Film Festival, and Seattle Asian American Film Festival.



Additionally, Jalena has Directed a short Czech language film on 16mm, a spec pilot with an all woman of color cast and crew, and partnered with non-profits to amplify their work. Jalena is currently a 2018 Sally Burns Shenkman Woman Filmmaker Fellow at the Jacob Burns Film Center, which has supported shorts that have premiered at SXSW, HotDocs, and Sundance. Her writing has been featured in Seventeen Magazine, The Tempest and NBC.com, and she has made films that highlight the importance of campus activism, a woman of color running for office, and destigmatizing menstruation.


On This Episode (Listen HERE)
Why it’s important to her to tell stories that spark social change?
Her Project Standing Above The Clouds
First Piece of Equipment she invested in as a filmmaker verses what she would invest in now?

Who is the priority in your story, who wants to see what you are doing?

Being a one woman band, teaching her about her voice and perspective
Finding her voice as a filmmaker.

What is she reading? Behold the Dreamer

Mentioned in show:

Canon 70D 

Brown Girls Doc Mafia 

Project 1324

Let’s Get Social

Instagram @thecreativeoutsiders or @shivawn_adrienne

Website or @Jalena.kl
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