Ep. 36 Paulina Lagudi – Film Director

After graduating Chapman University, Paulina moved to Los Angeles to pursue her filmmaking endeavors. Aware of the extremely small percentage of female filmmakers working in Hollywood, Paulina decided this was the perfect opportunity to create her own films. She’s always felt comfortable being the underdog. Paulina launched her production company Jax Productions, named after her first rescue dog, in 2015 when she was directing branded content and commercial spots for startup food brands and 5 star resorts.

Having grown up as a competitive dancer and choreographer, Paulina wanted to push the boundaries of her directing style through narrative content. She wrote and co-directed her short film “This Is How” that premiered at the Holly Shorts Film Festival in 2016 about a woman convicted to herself intimacy and normalcy in a budding relationship while trying to hide her unique form of self harm.


Committed to telling stories that hold up the mirror to a different perspective than our own, Paulina directed her next short film, “Holly’s Girl” starring Francia Raisa. “Holly’s Girl” is a narrative drama that breaks down the stereotypical image of an eating disorder and exposes the reality of its abusive relationship. “Holly’s Girl” went on to screen at multiple festivals as well as win the Award of Merit from Best Shorts Competition and Outstanding Excellence Award for content/message from the Depth of Field International Film Festival. In 2017, Paulina wrote and directed her first feature film “Mail Order Monster”, a female driven, blended family positive, bully sympathetic, sci-fi / family drama.

No matter what the genre or the form, Paulina is dedicated to creating work that allows us all to dig a little deeper into ourselves, question our perspectives, and, hopefully, bring our communities closer together.


On This Episode we Cover: (Listen HERE)

Why filmmaking?

Proof of Concept.

Be strategic, working backwards.

Tax incentives.

Creative process as a director?

Juggling the producer and director role.

Filming her first narratives, and mishaps.


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