Ep. 38 Latasha Kennedy : Screenwriter & Producer

Latasha Kennedy is a screenwriter, producer, actress, and director.  Currently through her production company, LMK Entertainment Group, Latasha creates family-oriented content that esteems young women of color on the rise and young families raising next generation leaders. 
Latasha Kennedy - Screenwriter
Latasha is extremely interested in telling stories that highlight African American culture in a way that is authentic, enriching, empowering and entertaining. Her short film, One Last Goodbye, a story that explores the impact that suicide has on families left behind, is currently in post and expected to begin screening publicly in November 2018.  In 2015, she produced a short film called, Meltdown, a comedic tale about a young, quirky new mom struggling to find her waistline after giving birth. Latasha went on to write the spin-off series called She’s Such a Mom. The semi-autobiographical, comedic series explores a young woman’s journey while living in Brooklyn, NY and struggling to balance marriage, motherhood, and her career. The series explores what it means to “have it all”, women in the workplace, and the superwoman complex. In 2016, the pilot became a semi-finalist in the Sundance | YouTube Episodic Lab and will begin production in early 2019. 
While working to create relatable and engaging stories, this wife and mom of 2 have also made it her mission to offer continued support to industry peers and aspiring talent by launching initiatives that directly benefit them. In 2017, she founded Boss Artist Nation, a digital brand that works to help artists build sustainable careers, as well as meaningful personal lives – and not just live gig to gig. Through ongoing educational and networking opportunities, Boss Artist Nation provides resources for and information to artists with the help of industry professionals who specialize in producing solid results in one’s mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical health. In 2018, Latasha co-founded a peer-to-peer sharing marketplace called Location Locked in an effort to enhance the filmmaker’s experience when looking for locations and services needed for their projects. The marketplace also offers an opportunity for peers and art enthusiasts to make extra cash and build community by listing their spaces and services. You can learn more about Latasha and her journey in entertainment at lmkentertainmentgrp.com.

On This Episode (Listen HERE)
The importance of taking the time to master a skill as a filmmaker
You need a why as a filmmaker
Starting where you are, don’t keep putting off creating
How to find your team as a filmmaker
Pivoting from acting to filmmaking
Why we need to tell the stories of everyday people
Her Short Film: One Last Goodbye

Book she is reading? High Performance Habits 

What is she watching? Will Smith Story time

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