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Season 3 of our Podcast for women filmmakers is back and if you aren’t familiar with what we do, simply put we show you it’s possible to live your filmmaking dreams through the journey of other women filmmakers. Its our version of film school in under an hour. That’s why we are excited to announce our Sponsors for Season 3 Location Locked.

Location Locked was conceptualized in 2018 after Latasha Kennedy and Rani Robinson, of LMK Entertainment Group, struggled to find a location to shoot Latasha’s film, One Last Goodbye. After a grueling, exhaustive search on some of the largest rental property platforms, they were compelled to reach out to their network and friends to help them find a suitable location without the exorbitant fees. To their surprise, the response was overwhelming and while a location came through, Latasha and Rani were greatly impacted by their peers’ generosity and eagerness to help. Rather than chalk the process up to “one crazy experience,” Latasha and Rani decided to create an opportunity for filmmakers and content creators to an easier and more cost effective way to lock in a location.

Thus, you have Location Locked – a platform for artists to find and offer their peers a hand up and help creatives dreams of creating come true. Whether bringing together a community of film and art enthusiasts, helping artists find cost effective locations that support their stories, or creating income opportunities for artists across the globe, we believe that the filmmaking community has everything we need to succeed and tell our stories – and it starts with us.
Location Locked is built by creatives and for creatives.

Who is Location Locked for?

It’s simple: Location Locked is for filmmakers who hate spending hours searching for locations and crewing up. With our review system in place, you’re able to learn more about your potential hire before you ever reach out. Also, the opportunity to book locations and production staff from the site means you spend less time searching for the right people and more time developing the work. It’s a win-win.

Who should list on Location Locked?

Owners of offices, co-working spaces, cafes, spare rooms and any under utilized space are encouraged to register their spaces on our website at Also, creatives that work as production staff including makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, script consultants, and editors are also encouraged to list on the site. You can also post your events on Location Locked with a one-time fee!

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