Episode 301: Jazmine Henley Brown : Creative Risk Taker

Jazmine Henley-Brown is a Creative Risk-Taker from Milwaukee, WI, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.
In 2017, she launched Henley Brown Media Group with the Milwaukee Podcast Festival, a festival in her hometown to showcase local, independent podcasts featuring the Brilliant Idiots with Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz as the headliner.

Her current projects include, writing the script for the short comedy film, Black Girl Training and 2 episodes of the second season of the District Queen podcast. She is also currently co-creating and will executive produce NightView Live. All premiering in 2019.

Acclaimed for her work as the Host and Producer of the #20SomethingSeries podcast, Executive Producer of the #1 Digital Morning Radio Show in Atlanta, The ShakeUP, and quirky lifestyle writing, Jazmine is no stranger to creating relatable and easy to digest digital content.

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Listen in and learn as we chat about:
her upcoming show NightView Live
Funding & Taking Risk
her process as a Screenwriter
writing for the short film Black Girl Training


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