Episode 302: Kelly Fyffe-Marshall – Social Activist Through Film

Director and writer, Kelly Fyffe-Marshall, a native of England, began her career in theatre. She soon developed into director striving to solidify her mark amongst the film industry’s finest.


Kelly has directed many music videos, web series, documentaries and narrative shorts and as an assistant director she has worked on several television series, feature films and music videos. With her expanse and unique experience Kelly was asked to be a juror for the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television as well as the jury head for Yorkton Film Festival.


She was most recently invited to speak at TEDx Youth Toronto. Her speech “Make Ripples Where You Are” is about creating change in the world, no matter what you do.

Her most current work includes an award-winning short film Haven (17), which premiered at SXSW as well as screening at BAFTA. Kelly’s love for film mixed with her passion for community development, leaves every project she touches impactful. She uses film to change perspectives, share love and powerful stories.

In addition to her written work Kelly directed Black White Blue (18) and Lockhart(19) for the Canadian Film Centre, she co-directed four music videos for Our Lady Peace (17), the pilot for the series virgins! (18) an episode of popular web series Friends with Benefits (17) as well as being honorably accepted into the Directors Guild of Canada as an Assistant Director.

Kelly’s promising career is steadily on the rise. She is currently in post production for her two-part short film Black Bodies (18), Marathon (18). As well as in development for feature Summer Of The Gun. Kelly Fyffe-Marshall is more than ready to make waves upon the shores of the film industry’s continuously evolving landscape.

Listen HERE and learn as we chat about:
Activism through Filmmaking
Bridging the gap between Indie Filmmaking and the Union
Her Short Film “Haven” 
Developing Her Voice as a Director

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