Episode 308 : Janine Sherman Barrois – Writer, Producer, Showrunner

Janine Sherman Barrois is an award-winning writer/producer who is currently the showrunner/executive producer on the TNT hit dramedy Claws, starring Niecy Nash. She has been writer/executive producer on such shows as ER and Criminal Minds and has won numerous awards including a Humanitas and several NAACP Image Awards. Barrois graduated from Howard University. French Fries marks her directorial debut.


Listen HERE – On This Episode We Cover:

What it takes to be a Screenwriter

Wearing the hat as a Showrunner

French Fries – Short Film

Finding balance as a filmmaker

Working in the industry



Janine Sherman Barrois  https://www.frenchfriesshortfilm.com/

The Creative Outsiders http://www.thecreativeoutsiders.com     http://www.shivawnmitchell.com


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