Episode 311: Alana Marie – Storyteller, Documentary Filmmaker

Alana Marie is a storyteller and digital content creator. Alana’s passion stems from her belief in everyone having a story, everything having a meaning, and every experience serving a purpose. Alana recently completed her first short, The Kinloch Doc, which screened in the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase and the St. Louis International Film Festival. She is currently producing and directing the feature length of the Kinloch Doc, the first documentary about the rise and demise of Missouri’s First Black City – Kinloch, MO.


In addition to filmmaking: Alana is a college access advocate exposing first-gen and underrepresented youth to college, a community organizer in overlooked and neglected neighborhoods in St. Louis, and  a freelance writer whose work has been published on several known online publications including Blavity, xoNecole, The Root & Delux Mag.

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Alana Marie www.iamalanamarie.com / www.thekinlochdoc.com

Shivawn Mitchell www.shivawnmitchell.com www.thecreativeoutsiders.com 


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