We Need Your Stories

TCO Movie Poster

March 23rd we are starting a challenge at The Creative Outsiders. We want to encourage you during this time to keep creating, to keep showing up and using your gift of storytelling.

Rules to Engage: You must commit to creating for 20 minutes for the next 20 days, tag us using the hashtag #calledtocreate20 daily during your creating journey, the more entries you have increases your chances to win. Also you must be following us on our social media @thecreativeoutsiders

You can include as much or less on your post as you decide, you must post on Instagram in order for us to see the hashtag and post

At the end of  the twenty days we will choose based upon keeping up with the challenge post/creativity while posting.

We are calling all screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, filmmakers to be consistent in creating and document your process. We are encouraging you to be consistent in your creating.

Upon choosing the winner we will send you a DM notifying you of winning at that time you will receive a prize from us. You must respond in 24 hours before it is given to someone else.


Shivawn Mitchell


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