Episode 500: Avril Speaks – Producer & Director


Avril Z. Speaks is a producer, director and film educator based in Los Angeles. She produced the critically-acclaimed feature film Jinn, which won the Special Jury Prize for Writing at SXSW and
was acquired by MGM/Orion Classics for theatrical and VOD release. Since then she has produced several films including Hosea, and African America, which will premiere this year at
the Pan African Film Festival, and the upcoming Dotty & Soul, starring Leslie Uggams, Gary Owens and Margot Bingham. She was an associate producer on the TNT docu-series “American
Race,” and has helped produce content for BET, Coca-Cola, Essence, and others.


What we discussed on this episode? 

How did you pursue film? What were your actionable steps? 

Why do you think we don’t see more women in the space of producing and what skills do you need to wear that hat? How do we show up better? 

Faith and Creativity. I saw that you studied, Theology and Film, why was this important for you to study the two together and how has it shaped your creativity? 

Is it important for us to apply for producer labs or fellowships? What does this do for our careers? 

Do you have to move to LA to be successful in film as a producer/or director? 

What stories are important for you to tell now and why?


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Avril Speaks 

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