Reimagine with Sarah Hawkins

This is our reimagine series. Where we catch up with previous guest on our podcast to see how they’ve reimagined their creativity since we last talked to them on the podcast. The last time we spoke to Sarah it was September 2017.

If you transitioned out of the creative industry why was it important to pivot? How did that translate into your current industry?

Over the years, I’ve had to make some pivots, namely for sustainability purposes. I still consult on projects in a creative producing capacity, but since our interview, started a media company with my producing partner called Pretty Thing and work remotely as a communications consultant. Working in communications (primarily internal comms) there is a lot of overlap to my typical roles on set – I help keep the team focused and motivated on bigger vision initiatives, and build systems for access to information and team morale, encouraging team members to communicate with each other and yet be self-sufficient to do their best work, in the best environment we can create together remotely to make it happen.

What would you tell someone looking to collaborate with others, what is key?

Start with your circle of influence, and as hard as it is sometimes, try to come from a place of abundance. Offer to help a friend on a project, be a sounding board for someone, keep your ear to the ground on what others need and are looking for, and best of all start connecting people. I believe that those good vibes eventually come back around, but you need to come from a place where you know (even if you don’t see it in your current reality) that opportunities are everywhere. In your conversations, don’t be shy to be vocal about what you’re going after and open to receiving as well. As my producing partner likes to say “closed mouths don’t get fed.”

Do you see yourself creating again if so in what aspects?

Absolutely. I’m currently going through a bit of a reset right now and transitioning back in front of the camera. I started in the industry as a model and actor, fell into producing, and it’s been an ever-evolving journey since. Right now, I’m working on collaborations with others, consulting, and in my free time creating on my own – whether that’s a TikTok, a vibey IG Reel, doing a mini photoshoot, or painting.

What would you tell someone who was just starting out or someone who was ready to quit?

Sometimes you’ve got to remove yourself from a situation, get really quiet, and become brutally honest with yourself so you can get a higher perspective on what it is you actually want. There is no clearcut path in creative industries; it’s a beauty and a curse. Don’t be afraid to define it how you want. No one can do what you do like you do, and know that everyone is just trying to figure it out for themselves.

What do you do to refuel yourself?

I love painting! I put on a good playlist and just vibe out. I’m your classic over-thinker and painting allows me to just work some of that stuff out on a canvas. Other than that, a good bath, a good heart-to-heart with a friend or family member, or an impromptu road trip.

Your Name: Sarah Hawkins

Creative Title: Producer & Actor

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Website: N/A —