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Shivawn Mitchell – Founder


I’m here to inspire you “the peculiar people” to tell the stories that are inside your heart and pounding to get out. Through directing, cinematography, producing, editing or writing (the list goes on and on). There are no limits to how you tell your stories.

Now we’re at the point where you want to know more about me.

It’s always been weird for me to do the whole introduction, bio thing. It’s a tad awkward to pin point the top things to tell about myself. So let’s get to the point… I’m a wanderlust, visual storyteller, research junkie. Who loves meeting other creatives, family, a good book, the sun/sea and hot tea.

If you need a more formal bio it’s below 🙂

Xo, Here’s to living a storytelling life.

Shivawn Mitchell

Professional Bio

Philanthropy, social conscience, and creativity are key themes in Shivawn Mitchell’s life and career. The Virginia native and graduate of Norfolk State and Wilkes University , with a degree in Screenwriting  wants to be remembered as a woman who left her mark in the creative industry.

She’s the author of the book entitled Rewrite Your Story and currently is in post-production with her short documentary, Lifting Crowns.

Her passion lies in encouraging other women to use their platforms to tell the stories that are stuck in their heart. She has developed and worked on several award winning short films and a few indie projects.

Shivawn lives by the quote, “If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.” We aren’t meant to be an island unto ourselves or reach a level of success and not have helped people along the way. Teamwork makes the dream work is her motto.