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JOIN in with our GOOD NEWS movement.
We want to put out more GOOD in the media and we realized NOW is to the time to do so when the WORLD is hurting. We’ve called on a FEW of our creative collaborators to get this started.

This is where you come in.

SHARE A GOOD NEWS story that someone is doing in their community to add value into the world or your own STORY you want us to HIGHLIGHT. Grab the form HERE.
From this we will CREATE a 60 second video to SHARE with the world from the good news stories you share.
IF you are saying WAIT I don’t have a story to share don’t worry there are a few other WAYS you can collaborate with us.
  • Help us EMPLOY other creatives through giving to our CREATIVE FUND, each story we create we will hire a CREATIVE COLLABORATOR to work with us on each project. (GUESS WHAT – we are also a 501 (c) (3) NON-PROFIT meaning this is a tax write off. EMPLOY CREATIVES HERE
  • APPLY to be APART of our creative TEAM HERE or VOLUNTEER HERE we would love to have you apart of the TEAM 
  • SHARE the GOOD NEWS Video with FIVE other people in your COMMUNITY  


How often will The Creative Outsiders produce Good News Stories?
The frequency will determine upon how many submissions. Our hope is to produce one 60 minute video bi-weekly and then weekly as we employ more Creatives. 
Is there a process for submissions?
We have Producers on our team that thoroughly check the stories that are submitted to determine if we are producing them. This includes checking the facts of the story and information that is provided. This includes normal production after our process. We also have the right to approve what stories we will accept at our discretion. 

What positions are available?

  • Editor
    • Using digital software, organize video, audio and graphic files into a final product
  • Creative Director 
    • Serving as the project visionary, create video treatment from collected information and successfully liaise between research team and editing team to produce final video project
  • Marketing 
    • Develop marketing campaigns and produce creative messages that align with the company’s brand, strategic planning of advertising, public relations and events, sponsorship and research, which will be measured by YouTube channel subscriptions, social platform views and follows and monies raised to support creatives, build comprehensive and integrated marketing campaigns, schedules and tracking methods
  • Research Team 
    • Respond to initial story submissions, perform due diligence in follow up – checking all social media, personal and business sites, and name search – gathering all pertinent information to determine validity, and ensure story and brand integrity align. Present all research by pitching story in a clear and coherent manner both written and verbally to production team
Does The Creative Outsiders accept Interns?
Yes, we will be opening position for Interns starting July 1st, if interested please submit your resume subject internship to thecreativeoutsiders (at) gmail 
Are there additional perks to working with The Creative Outsiders? 
Once you become apart of our Team you will be added to our Filmmakers Roster for other creatives to collaborate with or for HIRE. It’s our way of saying thank you as well as encouraging collaboration.