Writing A Guest Post

Want to Write A Guest Post for The Creative Outsiders?

We’d love to hear from you! We accept articles to be published on our blog.

We are looking for women writers who will show other Women filmmakers that it’s possible to live their filmmaking dreams. So we need your voice, your journey and gifts to inspire the women of The Creative Outsiders.



  • A newbie, professional, or semi-pro filmmaker with something to share?
  • Passionate about helping other women improve in their filmmaking?
  • Aware of the inside scoop in the filmmaking industry that pertains to women or have a review of a camera, lens or other piece of filmmaking gear

If so, we’d love to feature one or more of your filmmaking tips here on The Creative Outsiders.

Here’s what we’re looking for…

  • 100% original content. Meaning, keep it real in your unique voice.
  • Must not be available anywhere else.
  • Please no more than 800 words
  • Only post about women in filmmaking/entertainment (positive news, please)
  • Women in Film Meet-Ups we should be a part of
  • Festivals we should attend
  • Embed links into the post.
  • Attach an image with the post. (at least 2 – 3 pictures) Make sure you give your post a title
  • Attach a brief bio & picture of yourself. Along with any links to your personal social media etc.


Guest post should be submitted via email to thecreativeoutsiders@gmail.com in a word document.

Please note: While we’d love to use everyone’s submissions, we cannot guarantee to do so. If you’re unsure on whether an article will be suitable for the site and want to check, please feel free to shoot us an email.