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Episode 403 : Marlena Banks – Author of Big Idea Food

On today’s episode we hang out during our Creative Community Chat where we discuss navigating during Covid-19 we had the pleasure of having Marlena Banks who I like to think of the mindset queen.  

Marlena is a Christian Startup Coach Author of Big Idea Food: A Weekly Devotional for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers & Dreamers. Big Idea Food™ started in 2018 as a paperback devotional for entrepreneurs that serves up dope biblical nuggets to energize your hustle. Since then it’s grown into a lifestyle brand for dope Christian entrepreneurs that features a private online community, a YouTube channel, and weekly devotional emails. Together, all these resources work to feed your spirit with God’s word in a voice you can relate to so that you are empowered to execute the ideas God has given you.

On This Episode we Discuss 

  • How do you deal with fear? What does that look like practically. 
  • Why are we not doing what we’re supposed to do? 
  • What mindset work do we need to do to get rid of our excuses and produce?
  • Wanting to collaborate but I’m full of comparison how do I handle that space

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Episode 402 : Mercedes Brazier-Thurman – Screenwriter

Mercedes Brazier-Thurman is a screenwriter and content creator. Her writing explores the comedic curiosity and complex vulnerability within our relationships.

You can currently find her as a staff writer for the streaming site, Black and Sexy TV. She was a co-writer for Black and Sexy TV’s Hello Cupid: Season 3 Reboot.

In addition she is the creator of the quirky comedic web series, All My Friends Are Married.  Season 1 is distributed by The Black TV & Film Collective. In addition, she is the co-creator of MomStorie, a millennial blog that encourages creativity in parenting.

An alumna of Tisch School of the Arts for Film and Dramatic Writing, she has a MA in Educational Theatre from NYU Steinhart’s School of Education. Mercedes has taught screenwriting to NYC teens, women of color and Indigenous Americans and. She is currently a script writing professor at The City University of New York.

Show Notes: Getting started in Screenwriting. Common pitfalls with those who are new to screenwriting?Tips for the established screenwriter? How should you get feedback as a screenwriter?Crowdfunding as a Screenwriter.Navigating the middle as a Screenwriter. 

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Episode 401 Creatives Chat

 Shivawn Mitchell is the founder of The Creative Outsiders where we connect the dots for storytellers and show them it’s possible to create in various spaces in media. Once a week The Creative Outsiders has been sitting down to provide a safe space for creatives to express their thoughts and concerns while COVID-19 is happening. 

On This Episode we Cover

Does community really work? 

What do you need in community? 

Does Community need to be give and take? 

How to deal with comparison as a Creative?

In addition, we had several Creatives Present. 

Fann Sanders A Philadelphia PA native, she started in the arts as a child and has explored various creative lanes from being talent to technical staff. A graduate of The Community College of Philadelphia, Fann earned her degree in digital video production. Fann not only has a passion but a flare for providing exceptional production support through strategic planning, logistics organization, and personable liaising across the aisles of talent and tech. Credited as writer, director, producer and lead actor, Fann completed her first short film in 2018.

Anita Ham Ms. Ham is a Licensed Master Social Worker and a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Currently, she serves as a field instructor for Bachelor and Master’s level social work students at local universities. She mentors youth at Six Points Innovation Center and other local community organizations. Ms. Ham is also the Founder of RibFit and will be coming out with several creative projects in 2020.

Brittany J. White is the founder of a nonprofit, The Leah Project and mentor to young girls. She’s  a writer specializing in comedy. YouTube holds all of her skits. 

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