Episode 400 Kristin Winchester : Mental Health & Creatives

Kristin Winchester is a Licensed Therapist and Mindset Coach, speaker, host of the DFBG Mindset Podcast and founder of Her Therapy Space, a mental health private practice in Washington, DC.
She partners with ambitious WOC entrepreneurs and professionals to break the negative thought patterns keeping them from success so they can live out their purpose with excitement and confidence. She believes that we have the power to choose and create the life we desire and it all starts with our thinking. With over 8 years experience in the wellness field, Kristin has helped many people shift their ways of thinking in order to live a life they once didn’t think was a possibility.
Kristin has been featured in Essence, Cosmopolitan, CNN Money, Rolling Out, Huff Post and a number of other platforms.
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  • How do we Navigate our Mental Health During This Time
  • What is Depression & managing our Emotional health
  • Identifying Anxiety
  • Why we still need Routine during this time
  • Checking in with yourself and what that looks like
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Limiting our Consumption as Creatives during this time

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Disclaimer: The information shared on this podcast is not a substitute for a relationship with a licensed mental health professional. If you need immediate assistance please contact:

Suicide Prevention 800-273-8255xEPMsFKs7YmM8bsAMlyf2OwTPszAMZMeayGCpJVAMental Health Hotline 866-677-5924xEPMsFKs7YmM8bsAMlyf2OwTPszAMZMeayGCpJVACenter Against Sexual Assault 866-373-8300xEPMsFKs7YmM8bsAMlyf2OwTPszAMZMeayGCpJVANational Alliance on Mental Health 800-656-4673xEPMsFKs7YmM8bsAMlyf2OwTPszAMZMeayGCpJVANational Sexual Assault 800-656-4673xEPMsFKs7YmM8bsAMlyf2OwTPszAMZMeayGCpJVA

We Need Your Stories

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March 23rd we are starting a challenge at The Creative Outsiders. We want to encourage you during this time to keep creating, to keep showing up and using your gift of storytelling.

Rules to Engage: You must commit to creating for 20 minutes for the next 20 days, tag us using the hashtag #calledtocreate20 daily during your creating journey, the more entries you have increases your chances to win. Also you must be following us on our social media @thecreativeoutsiders

You can include as much or less on your post as you decide, you must post on Instagram in order for us to see the hashtag and post

At the end of  the twenty days we will choose based upon keeping up with the challenge post/creativity while posting.

We are calling all screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, filmmakers to be consistent in creating and document your process. We are encouraging you to be consistent in your creating.

Upon choosing the winner we will send you a DM notifying you of winning at that time you will receive a prize from us. You must respond in 24 hours before it is given to someone else.


Shivawn Mitchell


Episode 315 Alesia Etinoff : Creator, Producer & Comedian

Alesia Etinoff is the creator of the award-winning series, Avant-Guardians. She recently partnered with the Television Academy to create their diversity writing program, Young Writers to Watch. She has done coverage for talent agencies, worked for ABC Studios, and has given impressive notes to several high-profile writers.

The creator and comedian just wrapped principle on her short film 19 WEEKS that Zoe Saldana’s Cinestar Executive Produced; Alesia stars opposite Sherri Shepherd, Lamorne Morris and Marque Richardson. Alesia’s 2017 web series Avant-Guardians won Best Short Form Dramedy at the prestigious NYTVF, was nominated for best websereis at ABFF, and is an official selection for the LA Film Festival.



It’s received rave reviews from Essence, Bust Magazine, Decider and TubeFilter. The pilot she wrote, inspired by the series, made it to the second round of the Sundance Episodic Story Lab and the second round of the MACRO Episodic Story Lab. Alesia has showcased at the Hollywood Improv, Nerdmelt and Zanies Chicago and can be seen regularly at UCB and Flappers. She is a UCB Diversity Scholar and a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Alesia most recently partnered with the Television Academy to create a diversity writing intensive called ‘Young Writers to Watch.’


On This Episode We Cover:
Producing her own Project & Funding
How Comedy has shaped her writing
Her short film 19 WEEKS
Script Coverage
Pitfalls Screenwriters Make
The Importance of Community For Filmmakers

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Alesia Etinoff : Website  Instagram

Shivawn Mitchell : Instagram  Website

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Episode 314 : Rani Craft Robinson – Producer

Rani brings 16+ years experience in the digital media space. Her work has taken her from Washington, DC, to Los Angeles and to Singapore, producing, directing digital content in support of Travel Channel, TLC, HGTV, DIYNetwork and more.

Throughout her career she’s produced many digital series including HGTV’s House Tours with host of Flipping Virgins, Egypt Sherrod, and Flip or Flop Atlanta’s Anita and Ken Corsini. Additional series she produced include My Hometown and Day in the Life with actor Brian Unger (Travel Channel). Rani has also produced the digital series for Travel Channel, Man v. NYC, featuring Man v. Food’s Casey Webb and Food Network’s Vivian Chan.

Rani is also an avid world-traveler. In an effort to share her experience and passion for travel, her love for photography and her local experiences with her 3 children,  she created a lifestyle blog called Triplicity by Craft. The blog showcases her travels to such places as Paris, Italy, and Senegal.  Additionally, she has used her passion as a platform to tell others about the importance of travel for young kids and adults.


In 2017, Rani was invited to speak at Good Travels’ inaugural event in San Francisco on the importance of travel, especially for the next generation.

Rani also serves on the Board of Creatives team for 100cameras, a non-profit organization that works with young children in marginalized regions throughout the world, teaching them photojournalism.

In 2017, Rani  started working alongside her good friend Latasha Kennedy at LMK Entertainment Group to produce scripted and unscripted content. Rani executive produced ‘One Last Goodbye’ with @latashakennedy in April 2018.

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On This Episode We Cover:

The Pitching Process

How Rani’s career landed her in producing

Skills that will benefit you as a producer

How travel has helped her as a storyteller


Connect With Us:

Rani Craft  Robinson- Instagram or https://www.lmkentertainmentgrp.com/our-team

Shivawn Mitchell – www.thecreativeoutsiders.com or www.shivawnmitchell.com

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Episode 313 Gynai Kristol : Filmmaker

Gynai Kristol was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. As a child she would constantly watch and critique music videos while contemplating ways to form concepts in her head for them.  Her Grandfather was a photographer and inadvertently had quite the influence on her at young age.  The camera and film world had always been intriguing for her and a constant creative motivator since she was a little girl, which in later years, caused her to purchase her first camera, a Canon t3i.


After Graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2013, Gynai began working with The West Angeles Church Of God In Christ as a videographer. Not content with juggling only one gig she continued to pursue working with various creatives in and around LA and began working with and documenting artists’ processes as they created their albums, prepared for their first shows, and went through life. In 2015 she decided to move to New York to further pursue her passion in film and attended New York Film Academy for their one year documentary program.

The want to tell stories of people’s lives, giving them a relatable appeal, is what kept Gynai doing documentary based videos and short films. With her documentary films, Gynai’s goal is to inspire and entertain her audience. She is now a freelance filmmaker and editor based in Brooklyn, NY.

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Episode 312: Denise Purkett – Storyteller

Denise Purkett is a writer who creates original content for the internet. She enjoys telling stories visually, touching on topics including relationships, self-care, and grief. She works alongside her husband in their company, Vision Suite Media, where they specialize in creating digital videos and photos for businesses, creatives and artists. Denise has a MA in Strategic Communication. Denise lives in Norfolk, Virginia with her husband, her bonus daughter, and her 8 month old daughter.



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Instagram @thecreativeoutsiders or @shivawnmitchell
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