Shortie of the Week



Before You Submit.

Length: Shorts need to be 8 minutes or less.

  • Non-English language films must be sub-titled.

Rights: We require the shorts to have all necessary rights and releases secured for use to feature them (including music).

Premiere Status: No premiere status is required. However, we do give preference to shorts that haven’t premiered online yet.

Filmmaker Status: We are looking to feature female producers, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, film editors, sound professionals, lighting specialist and set production designers.

What we look for?

We are looking for films that speak to viewers at an artistic, informative, hopeful or entertaining level. It must be evident that you are devoted to the craft of filmmaking through the strength of your script and production quality. Your film should not debase or devalue any group or be derogatory in any manner. We champion positive provocative films. Overall, we are seeking films that spark dialogue and that leaves us wanting to see more of your work. We want to applaud your efforts and see you produce even more compelling films as a woman filmmaker.


What we avoid? Commercials, promotional videos, music videos with no story line and fashion films with no story line.

Submission Process.


Step 1

Email us :

Title of the Shortie

Username on Vimeo (and password if it is password protected) or attach your shortie via email

Director Name

Copyright owner Name

Total Running Time

Brief Synopsis of your short

Social Media Links you want us to share

Picture of yourself

If you are submitting the shortie as a producers, screenwriter, cinematographer, film editor, sound professional, lighting specialist or a set production designers. Please state that in the body of the email.

Final Step

You will be notified via email if your short has been chosen, at that time we will notify you of the week we will run your work. We will also notify you if your work wasn’t chosen.


Do you accept film trailers?


Can you guarantee my film will go viral?

No, we can’t guarantee this. We will do our part to make sure we let our collective know and get the word out on your project.