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You could be anywhere in the world but you are here with US, The Creative Outsiders.
We were FORMED out of the desire to EQUIP people who normally wouldn’t have access to creating through FILM & TV. Shivawn realized after attending school for MFA in screenwriting that we are better together as a community than apart.
Our NUMBER one GOAL is to create GOOD stories that are amplified across the the WORLD. If you are to take the next STEPS & join our CREATIVE FAMILY. You are in the right place.
JOIN in with our GOOD NEWS movement. What is our GOOD NEWS movement?
We want to put out more GOOD in the media and we realized NOW is to the time to do so when the WORLD is hurting. We’ve called on a FEW of our creative collaborators to get this started.

This is where you come in.

SHARE A GOOD NEWS story that someone is doing in their community to add value into the world or your own STORY you want us to HIGHLIGHT. Grab the form HERE.
With your HELP we will create a 60 second video to SHARE with the world.
IF you are saying WAIT I don’t have a story to share don’t worry there are a few other WAYS you can collaborate with us.
  • Help us EMPLOY other creatives through giving to our CREATIVE FUND, each story we create we will hire a CREATIVE COLLABORATOR to work with us on each project. (GUESS WHAT – we are also a 501 (c) (3) NON-PROFIT meaning this is a tax write off. EMPLOY CREATIVES HERE
  • APPLY to be APART of our creative TEAM HERE or VOLUNTEER HERE we would love to have you apart of the TEAM 
  • SHARE the GOOD NEWS Video with FIVE other people in your COMMUNITY  
CONNECT with Us several ways online.
Join Our Newsletter, you’ll get alerts of when we meetup via the digital world and in person.
Listen in on our PODCAST.
Get INSPIRED socially Instagram & Facebook.
Have Questions Shoot over here.

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